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Crowdfunding, done properly

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We'll build your community and put your idea in front of millions...

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Funding strategy

Not sure where to start? We'll get your compass pointing in the right direction. For companies that need to raise money but don't know what route to take.

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Kickstarter & Indiegogo

Want to launch your product but bamboozled by the method? We'll help you to smash your goals, using our tried and tested method to unlock the power of reward-based crowdfunding.

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Crowdcube & Seedrs

Raising investment and want to harness the power of the crowd? We've got you covered with a proven recipe to build a community of investors.

Let's make your
idea fly


Raised in one campaign

With our own business, Airhead, we executed one of the highest funded campaigns in Kickstarter history (top 0.45%).


Funding and online sales

We've raised over $1.6m across Kickstarter, ecommerce, Amazon and private fundraising, bringing value to tens of thousands of customers.


Ecommerce brands

We've set up and scaled five of our own brands across Shopify and Amazon, managing marketing and communications to over 35,000 people and selling globally across multiple industries.

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Our service to you

Meet Alex, Elliot and Harry: a trio of founders dedicated to helping businesses succeed through crowdfunding and ecommerce. We understand the common problems faced by business owners because we've learnt from our own mistakes. We offer concrete skills, expert guidance, and a personalised approach to make sure you achieve your crowdfunding goals. We bring the energy and the drive to make projects enjoyable, while keeping you organised and held accountable. If you're ready for growth, let's dive in together.

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Award-winning members of the NatWest Accelerator programme


Portfolio of projects

People have been going wild about us

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We have been working with Harry, Alex & Elliot for a few months now on getting our Amazon offering professionalised and effective. They have been nothing short of brilliant. Great fun to work with but absolutely nailed down on the detail. I cannot recommend them highly enough, they get things done!

Mark Moran MBE,

Chief Executive, Hydrate for Health

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Working with the team was of huge value to us at bo. The guys rapidly understood our business needs and built us an excellent bespoke solution to achieve our goal, then supported us in implementing it. Their skills cover a huge range of areas with great expertise, and on top of which they are awesome guys to work with, feeling like a natural extension of our team.

Harry Wills,

Co-founder, bo

Why work with Crowd Academy?

Pay less, for more

We shoot way below the big agencies, keeping you laser focused on the profitability

Personal service, enjoyable journey

We're a small team and we've turned our backs on corporate jargon, determined to have fun en route to success

As founders, we get it

Experience and empathy are key ingredients here. We understand your crowdfunding concerns and we know what to do about them

Our partners become your partners

About us

We're a team of three co-founders and met while studying economics at university. Our love of being active, playing sports, getting outdoors and travelling is what brought us together initially, but it's our combined 10 years in banking and experience launching five ecommerce brands, that makes us a real force for good.

We quit our corporate jobs on the same day back in 2019, and lived together in a tiny 1-bed flat to get our business off the ground. We then became award-winning members of the NatWest Accelerator programme, learnt a lot and formed some great partnerships. We're relentless problem solvers at heart, and we take a long-term approach to business. We always choose to have fun along the way and intentionally prioritise enjoyment of the journey, while working tirelessly to smash our goals.


We've built a wide network across startups and large corporates, and we'll only work on projects where our values are aligned, and where we believe in the mission. If you're looking for experts to help bring your product to the world, get in touch with us today. We'd love to join forces with you.

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