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Demand validation & lead generation

Build a community of highly engaged backers so you hit your funding goal on day 1.

Paid social ads

Landing page creation

Reservation funnel infrastructure

Email marketing

Partnerships and superfans

Social media support

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Campaign creation

Screenshot 2023-04-06 at 16.16.24.png

Maximise your campaign page conversion rate

Avoid the common pitfalls and get your audience super excited about your product.

Best practise campaign page structure

Storytelling for your brand and product

Kickstarter video strategy

Reward configuration

Global shipping templates

Graphic design and content creation


Your secret sauce to ride the wave

Maintain high traffic and a strong conversion rate throughout your entire campaign.

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Maximise organic KS/IGG traffic

Cross promotions

Word of mouth marketing

Specialist partnerships

Email marketing

Paid social ads strategy

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The fun doesn't stop there. Drive an extra 20-40% revenue through add-on sales in your post-campaign survey. Acquire new customers on Indiegogo InDemand, then seamlessly transition into e-commerce.

Maximise average order value (AOV)

Post-campaign survey execution

Shopify and Amazon store setup

Fulfilment support and community management


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